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We last updated this policy on 15/07/2020

1. A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Period is in place. Customers are free to terminate their services within this period. A full refund will be issued for the web hosting charges paid by the customer. However control panel charges, external software’s’ license fees would not be refunded under any circumstances what-so-ever. Domain Registration OR Domain Transfer Charges as also Dedicated Servers Charges would not be refunded back on cancellation. These are strictly non-refundable.

2. A pro-rated refund is applicable in cases where an account is canceled after the first 30 days but before the next renewal period. Only the charges for the unused period would be credited.

2.1 We cannot guarantee any domain You pre-order will be successfully registered as and when it becomes available for registration. If We are unable to register any pre-ordered domain name, We will provide a full refund in the form of account credit after the domain extension becomes available to the public.

3. The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Period is only applicable for first-time signups. Second time & subsequent sign-ups are not eligible for the same. Pro-rated refunds will also not be given for repeated cancellations from the same customer.

4. We only give credits or compensation when services guaranteed on our website have not been provided and /OR the guarantees we give are not met by us. Compensation if eligible would never be more than 1 (One) month’s hosting charges paid by the customer.

5. If an account has been terminated due to policy violations, copy-right infringement, hosting ethics violations, complaints received from authorized legal agencies, government departments, spam deterrent agencies or any other recognized internet authority, is not liable to refund any charges paid for by the customer. We terminate / cancel accounts only after having evidence to substantiate the charges / violations levied.

6. For any change in contact details, billing cycle changes, account upgrades / downgrades, cancellation or termination of hosting services, written authorisation is mandatory and to be submitted using the client area. Requests on our live-chat & our toll-free number would not be accepted. It is important for us to establish the authenticity of the customer before carrying out such requests. All email communications have to be done from the registered email address.

7. Account renewal reminders will now be sent 15 (Fifteen) days before the actual renewal / due date for monthly and quarterly billing cycle and 30 days before the actual renewal / due date for semi-annual, annual, biannual & triannual billing cycle. This is done to ensure that our clients get enough time to make payment(s). A second reminder will be sent before the due date and the third & final reminder would be sent on the day of renewal.

8. A grace period of 5 (Five) days will be given to all unpaid accounts past the renewal / due date. The hosting service will be suspended on the 6th (Sixth) day of the account being past due and a notification email would be sent informing about the suspension of service. Backup, if purchased / applicable, will be provided only after the dues are paid during the suspension period, i.e. between 6th and 10th days (both days inclusive) of account being past due.

9. We would allow up to 5 (Five) days after the account has been suspended, for the renewal fee / dues to be paid. The account will be terminated permanently once this period of additional 5 days is over. After your account has been terminated, we can no longer guarantee the recovery of your data. Although all best efforts will be made to recover data past this point if invoices are paid, there is no guarantee that data can be successfully restored.

10. We accept payments done through Credit cards, Paypal & Wire Transfers. We do not accept E-Gold or any other online mode of money transfer.

11. We do have an auto debit facility. You can store your credit card details in your billing account and your credit card will be charged every month on the due date of the invoice. You may follow the below mentioned steps to save your credit card details.

12. For all accounts being paid for by bank / wire transfers, customers have to submit proof of payment. A copy of the receipt of the payment has to be emailed to the billing department. All such hosting accounts would be setup only after having received the proof of payment. The payment receipt may be scanned & mailed to the billing department. Customers may also take a screen-shot of the receipt & mail it as an attachment.

12.1 Cancellations that are submitted and received will be effective following the start of the next billing cycle. For cancellation requests received on or after the service renewal date, the invoice will be payable and the cancellation will apply from the the start of the next billing cycle. Cancellation requests must be submitted using the client area.

13. has a very strict & comprehensive accounts verification process. All new sign-ups are put through this very stringent mechanism. Our verification department personnel would be personally calling up customers who have signed-up for hosting services & cross-verify all the information submitted during purchase of the hosting service. Accounts are then processed & forwarded for hosting once the genuinity of the signup is established. Under no circumstances would accounts be setup without having been verified. would not be responsible for delayed account setups in cases where customers have not responded to verification phone calls.

For further enquiries or clarifications, please contact the billing department of

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