Website and Server Backup Solutions

Protects your business from data loss. Our advanced website and server backup solutions ensure reliable and consistent backups whenever you need them, giving you total peace of mind.

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Whether you run a business website or a small personal blog, website and server backups can make the difference between a complete disaster and a minor inconvenience. Our remote backup solutions are perfect for backing up everything from a shared hosting account to an entire server. We recommend you choose backup storage that is at least three times the amount of space your website or server uses.

Don’t wait until the worst happens..

It is easy to forget about website backups until the worst happens and you need to recover your data - don’t risk your business. Our remote backup plans are easy to setup and with a full reporting facility, backed by our 24x7 support, you can be assured your data is available at that critical moment.

Easy backup porting

Setting up a remote backup is one thing but ongoing monitoring is another, what if your backups fail? Our backup service will email you every time a website backup is taken and let you know the exact status so that you will never be left high and dry. Having a problem with your server or website backup? Our 24x7 support team is never more than a phone call or live chat away.


Industrial Strength Storage

New Continuous Data Protection 3.0 Disk Safe® technology offers industrial strength disk storage for your website and server backup and archiving. Archive up to 64TB of recovery points per disk. Atomic disk writes protect data from crashes and power loss.


Bare Metal Restore

Bare Metal Restore is a high-performance alternative to file-by-file restoration. By passing the file system and streaming blocks directly to disk, the restoration of large file systems can be performed significantly faster by comparison.

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Easy to Setup

Putting you in control...
Our website and server backup plans give you the control to set the backup policy, create schedules and have retention periods that meet your business requirements. Our incremental, block-level backups provide fast, resource-light, backup operations.

Powerful AES Encryption

Protecting your sensitive data…
We take data security seriously. Website and server backups are encrypted as standard during transmission using military-grade encryption standards. You also have the option to encrypt your data at rest, providing total end to end security.

Data Integrity Checking

Keeping your data in check...
It is easy to forget about website backups until the worst happens and you find your backups have failed or are corrupt. With our data integrity reporting you can rest easy that your data is complete and ready to be restored when the need arises.

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