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The SpamExperts’ spam filter is the self-learning technology that eliminates costly spam, virus, phishing and malware attacks before they ever reach your mailbox, allowing you to work worry-free. And with email archiving, you’ll never lose an email again.

SpamExperts is an incredibly accurate, powerful and cost-effective spam filter solution that works by securely scanning incoming e-mail via an intelligent central cluster before it reaches your inbox. Our cluster is responsible for scanning millions of e-mails a day and delivers a spam detection accuracy rate up to 99.98%. The SpamExperts spam filter is available as an add-on on all new and existing hosting plans.

Secure Your Inbox From Spam & Malicious Mail

SpamExperts is a spam filter that scans all incoming e-mail using an advanced, self-learning algorithm and eliminates spam before it can reach your inbox. Emails it detects as spam are placed into a secure email quarantine which you can view at any time.


Spam Filter Solution

Secure by design

Your security is our concern.
The safety and security of your data are important to us. To make sure our spam filter processes your messages in a secure manner, only authorised individuals are granted access to the scanning cluster, which is purposely hosted on our own, datacentre network.

Always up to date

On the lookout for the latest threats
The latest scanning algorithm, spam, and malware definitions available from SpamExperts are implemented on the scanning cluster. This means our spam filter always protects your inbox against the latest threats.

Utilising the latest technology

Providing thorough protection.
SpamExperts is based on a sophisticated scanning cluster that will trawl through your emails to weed out spam and malware-ridden messages, leaving you with a clean inbox containing only the messages you want to see.

Detects New Spam & Malware Threats Daily

There are new threats every day and SpamExperts takes proactive action to keep your inbox safe and spam-free. With ongoing research and continuous analysis, SpamExperts accurately detects new patterns and implements definitions to those real-time threats and this is immediately shared with our central cluster which scans your incoming e-mail.

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Why you need spam filter solution

E-mail Continuity. No More Bounced Email.

As an added layer of redundancy, SpamExperts will store and queue e-mails it has scanned if your mail server happens to be unreachable. So, even if your server is down, your e-mail doesn't have to be. Any e-mails you receive during periods of downtime will be queued and re-sent to your mail server as soon as it is reachable again.

With our optional outgoing filtering, SpamExperts scans all outgoing e-mails, protecting your company's network. For hosting providers, this can lead to a substantial reduction in time spent dealing with IP blacklisting and spam outbreaks caused by compromised or misconfigured scripts.

SpamExperts stops spam in its tracks so you can spend less time submitting tedious delisting requests and more time on the more important things.

Get clear and concise reports about which accounts need your immediate attention. SpamExperts keeps a record of each user that attempts to send spam and can automatically lock accounts that repeatedly attempt to do so.

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