Email Certificates

S/MIME email certificates digitally sign and encrypt your emails to protect you and your clients from identity fraud.

Personal Sign 1

Suitable for Individuals. This general use certificate quickly validates your ownership of an email address.

  • Class 1 validation
  • Identifies email addresses only
  • Confirms ownership of email address
  • 24 x 7 pro technical support

Personal Sign 3

Perfect for organisations. For organisations, this certificate validates email ownership, the named user and the organisation’s existence.

  • Class 2 validation
  • Identifies email addresses, user and organisation
  • Confirms ownership of email address and user identity of user and organisation
  • 24 x 7 pro technical support

Why Choose

Sender Verification

Verifying your identity ensures the recipient can be confident the email and its contents are genuinely from you and not a scammer.

Prevent Tampering

The content of a signed and encrypted email cannot be tampered with during transit.

Encrypt Your Emails

Send encrypted emails (including attachments) to keep the contents secure, even at rest.

Halt Phishing Scams

Enable your recipients to identify senders masquerading as your organisation and stop them from falling victim to fraudulent scammers.

Protect Your Reputation

Inspire confidence in your clients by taking a robust approach to email security and help prevent cybercriminals tarnishing your image./p>

Achieve Compliance

Helps you meet your GDPR, ISO27001 and other regulatory obligations by diminishing the risks of data breaches.

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